Records Management Compliance

Managing documents, records and other content is no easy task. How do you best capture, share, manage, store and retrieve documents and records within the organization? Does the approach you use meet the various compliance requirements, rules, regulations and standards? What is the best strategy or method to use for managing electronic documents and records such as web pages and emails?

Records management compliance is about meeting certain benchmarks, standards and best practices that all records managers and record management systems are required to follow. While compliance ensures that the company’s records management policy and the respective government laws are followed, it is also a balancing act. Your employees and customers need fast access to information as well as a high productivity platform for coaction and content creation that is not weighed down by compliance processes.


Achieving Records Management Compliance

Solid record keeping practices are crucial in maintaining an accomplished, accurate and up-to-date history of all business transactions and knowledge. In the current world of social networks, mobile computing platforms as well as big data, business records are playing an even greater role. They are the lifeblood of organizations. Whether your company is public or privately owned, fully or partly regulated by the government, you should be familiar with the increasing pressure to meet the various regulatory requirements for enterprise records management.

Therefore, you may have to upgrade your records management processes to comply with the law. At this juncture, it is important to understand that compliance should not be viewed as a bottleneck. On the contrary, it helps the organization to reap greater benefits by providing an overall boost.

Here is a checklist to ensure that your organization achieves compliance in records management:

Aspect 1: Policies and procedures

What information is important to the operation of your organization? Ask this question to all employees across the departments and you will be surprised at the varied answers that you will get.

Does your company have both paper and electronic records? If the answer is yes, you may have to develop a hybrid records management framework for both forms of records.

When is the last time you updated your records management policy to ensure it meets the revised compliance regulations? If not, do it urgently and take into account the newest record formats

Does your policy also cover email and social networks? Social media is now a business tool so pay attention to it.

How often do you back up your data? Do you have disaster recovery plans in place?


Aspect 2: Audit and Accountability

As a record manager, do you have jurisdiction over all business processes and data types?

Are your records very safe?

Are the employees fully conversant with your records management policy?

Aspect 3: Privacy and Disposal

Does your data meet the records management compliance regulations of your industry?

Do you have a sound document destruction plan for disposing data?


Aspect 4: Best Practices and Retention?

Are you capturing only what you need? Are you storing duplicates?

How easy is it to access your records?

Maintaining Compliance

Records management compliance requires continuous attention to enforce legislation and industry regulations. This means:

– Continuous monitoring to ascertain the quality of records

– Auditing: it should focus on records creation, capture and description (metadata).

– Reporting: making official reports to the senior management concerning the effectiveness of the system. The reports should have information gathered from the monitoring and auditing activities.

All the three tasks are interrelated. It is vital that is carried out regularly to maintain the integrity of the information being stored and the capacity of the systems to support your core functions.

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