Electronic scanning offers an easy way for organizations to store data. Organizations can select from various electronic scanning solutions. This makes it necessary to know exactly what they need to look for in the options. Some of the factors to consider include the following:


This is a significant consideration factor when selecting electronic scanning solutions. A company has to think about cost in the long term. You are supposed to determine the solution’s cost over its lifetime. Prices tend to vary depending on the vendor you choose to purchase the solution from.

It is very important to note that the initial purchase cost only represents a small fraction of total cost. There may be several hidden costs. You need to consider implementation, training, maintenance, and support over the solution’s lifetime.

Potential Returns

Organizations also need to consider potential returns on the investment they make in electronic scanning solutions. These solutions can offer huge cost savings because they reduce expenses related to hard copy delivery. The documents can be faxed or mailed to concerned parties instead of using human messengers. It also costs less to manage scanned documents as opposed to hard copies. The solution you select for your business should be able to offer returns in months not years. But you should focus on the long term returns. It is advisable to perform a return on investment (ROI) analysis before purchasing a solution.

Scanning solutions will be an important component of your company’s IT infrastructure and this exposes them to the same risks that desktops and serves face. Compare the components and benefits of every solution and then base your decision on the ownership cost.

Company Requirements

Another important consideration to keep in mind is your company’s requirements. You need to assess your existing and future scanning requirements before you purchase a solution. Determine how the scanning solution will integrate with your company’s business application and network. Eliminate any solution that does not fulfill your requirements.

Electronic scanning solutions should offer certain basic features including:

  • Security authentication
  • Activity logging
  • Custom workflow
  • Scan and email
  • Scan to shared folder
  • Scan to personal folder
  • Scan to Fax

You should also consider advanced features especially if you have a busy working environment.


Effective electronic scanning solutions should be scalable. Organizations are dynamic and this means that your requirements are likely to change in a few years. This makes it necessary to identify solutions that allow you to upgrade. If a solution is scalable, it means that you will still be able to use it when your needs change. Select solutions that will accommodate changes in your company. This is the best way to ensure you get good returns on your investment.

Workflow Integration

Select a solution that is compatible with your current business operations. Evaluate each solution to determine how well each one of them integrates with your current workflow. The product you select should offer opportunities for you to streamline your present practices. It should have the capacity to expand and accommodate your dynamic needs.